Author: Satria Ahong

Why Casters Made of Stainless Steel Are the Better Choice for Harsh Environments

The casters you place on equipment and carts for mobile use can make a big difference in how easy they roll and longevity of use. Stainless steel is provably one of the most durable.

Temperature Resistance

Stainless steel is a material that is less reactive to large fluctuations in temperature. You can use stainless steel casters in freezing condition as well as higher temperatures safely. It’s the perfect choice for areas like medical labs or milling and fabrication shops. You have a dependable caster that will not break down quickly due to extremes in environmental temperature.

Concrete Floor Durability

Rolling carts and storage racks across floors that are made of concrete can create a great deal of wear and tear on the casters. Stainless steel is a material that seems perfectly suited to all day or all night use on concrete flooring. It’s a great way to move equipment and supplies through large areas like production plants or hospitals.

Smooth Swivel Action

You can choose from a variety of sizes in stainless steel casters that all offer the same smooth rolling capabilities for easier moving of all your carts, racks, or equipment. You will experience fewer problems with wheels that freeze and stick at inopportune moments. All of your items ill get where they need to be and you can you can even purchase units with locking wheel action.

Light to Heavy Duty Capabilities

No two industries carry the same demands when it comes to moving and storing items. You have a choice in casters that allow for light transport or heavy-duty, which can carry more than a ton of weight. All are designed and crafted to serve your needs for years.

Adding the right elements to your utility carts and mobile transport equipment will help it function better for … Read More

Maintenance Tips for Commercial Refrigerators

The fridge is one of the most important features of any commercial kitchen. If it breaks down, you will not be able to provide many of the meals offered to customers and stored food will quickly perish. In order to ensure this never happens, it is important to keep proper refrigerator maintenance.

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Accurate Diagnosis

You first need to identify what is wrong with the refrigerator in order to know how to deal with it. Consider if the unit is not keeping food cold enough, if the unit is warmer than usual, if refrigerant is spilling out, if the coils are frosted up or the thermostat is not working. After diagnosis, you need to evaluate how to fix the problem.

An easy fix could involve shelving, light bulbs, knobs and water filters. There are many tips online for fixing these basic fridge issues. More challenging repairs could include door closers, gaskets, hinges or fans. Difficult repairs include maintenance of evaporator coils, compressors, motors and condensers.

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DIY or Professional?

It is not always possible to repair it yourself. You need the right information, the right tools, the right spare parts and the knowledge to carry out the repair. Knowing the type of commercial refrigeration unit you have is important in order to assess the issues.

Commercial refrigeration maintenance can be cheaper if you do it yourself, but the time taken to do this and the hassle might outweigh the money saved. It might even be better to scrap the old unit and replace with a new modern unit, as that could be more efficient and save time and money in the long run.

Safety and Maintenance

Safety is the first priority in any repair. Make sure you unplug the unit, read the owner’s manual and view any … Read More

An introduction to SEO copywriting

Savvy web owners understand the importance of writing great copy, and this starts with creating content that’s SEO friendly. If you want to generate copy that gets your site ranked highly, here’s what you need to know.

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Keywords are king

Including keywords in your copy is crucial if you want to create copy that meets the approval of search engines, but be careful how you use them. Add keywords that are relevant to your brand or topic, but don’t over use them, as this won’t come across naturally. Choose keywords that are as specific or unique as possible, so that when people search for them, search engines will crawl your text and send your page soaring to the top of listings.

Focus on the meta description

SEO copywriting extends further than just creating blog posts or other content; you need to focus on writing sharp and snappy meta titles and descriptions to make your post stand out and attract audiences. According to Search Engine Watch, meta tags provide information about a web page, whilst meta descriptions are short paragraphs of text that describe its content.

It requires skill and understanding to write meta tags and descriptions effectively, so if this isn’t your forte, consult experts such as, who offer SEO in Dublin and elsewhere.

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Unique copy

Search engines favour copy that’s unique and fresh, so when writing content that you want to rank highly, put effort into what you’ve got to say. Make your copy stand out from your competitors and offer an original spin on a topic that’s relevant and useful to your audiences.

Keep texts simple and to-the-point, and if you need to break content up, use bullet points to make copy easier to scan. Avoid filling text with over-complicated jargon, … Read More


Data recovery is the process of restoring or retrieving the data that has been lost. In simple words, Data Recovery means getting back the data that has been lost due to certain reasons. It also means restoring back the data to a laptop, server or external storage through a backup.

There are various causes of data loss i.e. the data loss can take place due to accidental deletion of the file which means sometimes you may accidentally delete the file to release space which does not mean that file is completely deleted, it still remains on your system. The second reason of data loss may be due to file system formatting by mistake, another reason could be file corruption, the file can be corrupted due to the virus attacks, hacking etc., the data can be lost due to logical and physical problems, the problems in software, the data can also be lost due to hacking. You must always take precautions so that your data is not lost. You must always make a backup of your files that is through cloud backup, backup drive, inbuilt OS Utility to store files etc., these are the common ways you can avoid data loss. You can create a backup and distribute the files to different storage channels like backup drive, burning copy of data to CDs or DVDs. It can increase the chance of data availability even if your data is lost from your primary source or permanently fails.

If your data is being lost, you should avoid employing the unwanted attempts of getting your data back because this may permanently freeze or loss your data, if your data is being lost you should not give your device for repair because recovery and repair are two different things.

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