Getting the Most Out of iCloud

While all Apple users are given access to iCloud, some aren’t utilizing all of the benefits it has to offer. Some are caught up in the fact that after a certain amount of storage is used, the service costs. Others are not even sure how to use it or whether or not it is worth activating. Check out these icloud tips for making the most of the service and all it has to offer.

Sync Everything

Imagine using multiple Apple devices and being able to move seamlessly from one to the other because the data is synced. Music, contacts and even reminders can all be viewed by any device at any time. This streamlines so many different things that people do on a regular basis.When a picture is taken on a phone, the same photo shows up on the laptop or iPad. It is possible to go into any device and actually choose what needs to be saved and synced using the Cloud. This allows each person to decide which things are most important and need to be accessible everywhere.

System Restoration

No one wants to think about losing all the information on a phone, an iPad or other Mac, but it happens. iCloud allows a user to keep a backup of his or her system. This means that should everything seem to fall apart, it is possible to go back and restore the device to it’s previous condition. There’s no need to plug anything in to create the backup. When the systems are on Wi-Fi, the backup should be taking place automatically.

Option for More Storage

The part of iCloud that tends to concern people could also be one of its best features. If the traditional 5GB of storage isn’t enough, Apple makes it easy to get more. Because of the way the system is set up, it’s easy to continue to share information and data with all devices. Going outside of Apple to try and set up extra storage can be time consuming and difficult to access on the go. With the Cloud, most people will be able to access the information without giving it a second though.