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Virtual Reality

Which Industries Could Be Hurt By VR?

Virtual Reality has been hailed as an exciting development in technology, and with good reason. VR has opened new doors in gaming and entertainment, in healthcare, in visual creativity, and numerous other areas. It’s bringing about all kinds of fun and fascinating new experiences – and we’re probably still just scratching the surface of its potential. But while VR is generally discussed with an air of optimism and appreciation, it could also result in real problems for some industries. Basically, if VR is capable of replicating or enhancing some in-person experiences, it may also ultimately replace them.

But which industries could ultimately suffer as VR continues to improve and more people get on board? Keep an eye on these.

Virtual Reality

Sports Viewership

We may be in the early days of virtual reality, but already we’re starting to see some creative sports viewing options. At least one NBA owner has talked about the idea of allowing fans to watch games from the perspectives of players, for instance, and new sports like drone racing have emerged almost entirely because of VR. VR viewership options will be a boon to all those sports fans who may not be able to afford to go to their favorite stadiums or buy tickets for their favorite teams. But as VR becomes more commonplace, who’s to say we won’t also enjoy simulating the experience of simply sitting in an arena and watching a game? VR figures to be a cheaper and more versatile alternative to live attendance that could revolutionize sports viewership and destroy the industry as it currently exists.


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If you’re in search of a way to use a computer extra effectively, researchers on the University of Waterloo’s David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science might have an answer for you. Emerging know-how referred to as Software-Defined Networks (SDN) permits network operators to tailor a pc network to the traffic working on it, thereby bettering effectivity. Dubnov’s work on computational modeling of fashion and computer audition has led to improvement of … Read More