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3 Things to Consider When Naming Your Pizza Franchise Being hungry is part of being who we are as humans. Food has become a business. Our basic need is food. Whether you are a rich business owner or a peasant raking the fields, you need to eat. You are powerful with food. Food is Business. If you are convinced that you are going to open a business soon and you consider doing food business. What could be your business be? An empire you’re going to make, what will it be?Is an empire going to come out of a food business? Well, there are only 3 answers to that. According to lots of studies circulating on the net, there are 3 main food businesses that never go out. Meaning people will cherish it no matter what and no matter when. The 3 food businesses that are on the top are fine dining, fast foods, and pizza parlors. Pizza, why? From New York to Manila, everyone loves pizza. The ambiance inside a pizza parlor, the taste, the feeling, the aroma, and enticing thought makes you want to create one. The earth will imagine you having the pizza empire you created. Your business will flourish on this earth after ten to twenty years. The name is what you need now. How do we do that? It should be catchy, making a lasting effect on their subconscious part of the brain. The name, the pizza franchise you’ve created when they hear it, they wanted to eat. It is now the instinct that is working, so natural. All they wanted to do is buy, dine and eat at your pizza parlor, that is the suggestion they only get. So how do we name it? The name of this new pizza parlor is the question. Considering the three items when naming a pizza franchise. 1. It should sound that it was baked and prepared good. All you have to catch is their thinking. The eternal imagination must be created for them. For this case, creating a thought of what your business is like, that it is all about baking good food and pizza. When you check for the best pizza parlors, the popular ones, you notice that they are prepared very good. Your popularity and marketing shoots up once proper preparations are added to your methods. People will take it as a gospel that yours is a good food. Soft-Rolled Cheese Your Pizzas, Your Pizza: BBQ Style, Baked and Grilled Your Pizzas, are some examples. 2. It should come with a cultural word. It is about how people are affected by their own society, not about their cultures per se. Place a large amount of tomatoes on each pizza for Italians cause they love it. Cheese is loved by French people. For Japanese, Samurai Pizza: Your Pizza will work for them, is an example.
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3. It should always include the word ‘Pizza’. This doesn’t need to be explanation.
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In every name comes power, whatever names they may be, remember that. The tale will be told by your consumers.