A Holiday for the Eight of Us

My three sisters and I always get together for a holiday at least every couple of years. We are all married, and we have 11 children between all of us. Sometimes the kids go with us, but sometimes we go somewhere just with our husbands. When my younger sister sent me some information about Mykonos villas by mykonosestates.com, I was immediately smitten as soon as I started looking at the pictures of the villa she was interested in. I knew just from that that this would be an adults only trip because there are only four bedrooms.

The pictures that I was able to look at on the computer were absolutely gorgeous, and all the information that was needed about the villa was right there too. There are the four bedrooms and each one has its own private bath, which was a huge draw. There are so many different views from this one villa that it is nothing short of incredible. The two story villa has the bedrooms strategically placed so every one has quite a bit of privacy, but the common areas bring everyone back together again.

There is a patio outside that has probably the most amazing view of all. There is a really nice pool there, and it overlooks the ocean. There is so much more to this than just what it looks like on the inside and out though. There are a lot of local attractions, and there are a lot of amenities that are included in the price as well, such as concierge services and guided tours.I had not even finished looking at all of the information and I knew that I wanted to do this with my sisters and all of our husbands. Our parents are going to enjoy watching all their grandchildren, and we are going to enjoy some much needed adult time.