An introduction to SEO copywriting

Savvy web owners understand the importance of writing great copy, and this starts with creating content that’s SEO friendly. If you want to generate copy that gets your site ranked highly, here’s what you need to know.

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Keywords are king

Including keywords in your copy is crucial if you want to create copy that meets the approval of search engines, but be careful how you use them. Add keywords that are relevant to your brand or topic, but don’t over use them, as this won’t come across naturally. Choose keywords that are as specific or unique as possible, so that when people search for them, search engines will crawl your text and send your page soaring to the top of listings.

Focus on the meta description

SEO copywriting extends further than just creating blog posts or other content; you need to focus on writing sharp and snappy meta titles and descriptions to make your post stand out and attract audiences. According to Search Engine Watch, meta tags provide information about a web page, whilst meta descriptions are short paragraphs of text that describe its content.

It requires skill and understanding to write meta tags and descriptions effectively, so if this isn’t your forte, consult experts such as, who offer SEO in Dublin and elsewhere.

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Unique copy

Search engines favour copy that’s unique and fresh, so when writing content that you want to rank highly, put effort into what you’ve got to say. Make your copy stand out from your competitors and offer an original spin on a topic that’s relevant and useful to your audiences.

Keep texts simple and to-the-point, and if you need to break content up, use bullet points to make copy easier to scan. Avoid filling text with over-complicated jargon, and don’t write in the passive voice. Increasingly, the use of story telling in copywriting is showing great appeal for SEO purposes.

Accuracy matters

No matter how great your content is or how much of an expert you are on your chosen topic, you won’t do yourself any justice in terms of SEO if you don’t give copy a thorough checking before you hit the publish button. Copy that’s littered with errors, whether in grammar, spelling mistakes or the facts you publish, reeks of unprofessionalism and search engines won’t see you as an authority content provider.