Are you going on a trip and want to be connected to the internet? Hire a portable wifi for summer

Is there a data quota?

Most offers offer an unlimited connection. However, only part of this connection will be broadband. Check how much broadband data is included in your package. Many of the sites and applications of your smartphone now require a powerful connection to function. If there are several to connect in the same box, your package will be consumed much faster.

Give preference to offers that offer data quotas per day. Some offers do not include a daily limit. If you consume the entire package during the first few days, you will no longer have connection during the rest of the trip.

Also keep in mind that some applications consume a lot of data. Do you want to relax in front of Netflix or YouTube after a good day of hiking? Make sure your package is big enough!

Is it compatible in all countries?

Some pocket WiFi japan are equipped directly with a SIM card. It is owned by a telephone operator that operates in the selected country.

The disadvantage? If you want to visit several countries on the same trip, your connection will not be able to follow you once you have crossed the border because the SIM card only works in one country.

In addition, not all operators cover all geographical areas with the same quality. When the box is equipped with a fixed SIM card, only the network offered by your telephone operator can operate.

On the contrary, the My Webspot offer allows you to visit several countries during your trip. Thanks to its virtual SIM card technology, My Webspot boxes are automatically connected to the networks of the country in which it is located. Does the quality of an operator’s network become low in its area? No problem, the box will automatically switch to the network that offers the best connection!

This summer comes with the end of roaming, a long-awaited joy, which means that we will be able to use the mobile in any country of the European Union as if we were in Spain. However, experts remember that we must be careful with the use and monitor the consumption of data to not exceed what each has contracted. In short, many users are best portable wifi dependents also in their places of residence, where they avoid consulting the mobile if they are not in WifiFree Zone, mainly at home, work, or some establishments of trust.

However, on vacation we are faced with a double handicap: there is not always pocket wifi in japan, especially if it is about apartments and, in addition, we tend to use more mobile, well to know about family and friends, well to consult Cool places where to have a drink, to bite something, to know the best beaches or the schedules of monuments and museums. What makes us exhaust the mattress mattress faster.

There are several solutions to stay connected without running out of control. For mobile, most operators launch offers in the summer to increase the contracted megaphones at more affordable prices and, in case you want to check the internet on laptops, you can use a USB modem that acts as a SIM card.