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The Power of Web Video

In the modern world of today, marketing of products and services is becoming more and more high-tech. One development on how to market is of course the internet, that led to websites and web video. With the advent of videos on the internet, more and more marketers are using it to replace the old and traditional letter of sales or the old written sales. Marketing videos are very effective in promoting business because of its power and versatility that leads to massive traffic, ranking and sales, that more and more internet marketers are using it for their products and services.

Numerous studies show that an average American watches television about 153 hours every month, 131 million viewers watch video on the internet, and spend about 3 hours watching videos online per month, either from home or office. Very interesting to know that 13.4 million Americans are watching videos on their mobile phones and spend an average of 3 1/3 hours every month viewing videos.

Undeniably, web videos online is now the most effective way to market and reach out to customers. Factors in making web videos effective for your marketing are knowing how to sell your products and services to viewers, how you sell your video concept, and how you sell your business. Making your viewers feel that what they are looking for can be easily solved and get hold of, should be the objective of your video.

Web videos are so effective marketing tool and there are reasons to support this. Aside from people having short attention span, they are easily distracted and tired in reading long sales letter. Because web videos tap the audio and visual senses of the viewers, it is effective in this sense of liking what we see and hear. Web videos are effective in making the viewers feel easy and relaxes by just watching and listening to the video, compared to their time and effort in reading or going over a sales letter.

There are different types of marketing videos that you can choose to market your products and services. Marketing videos are straight sales video where your main objective is to make the sale and convince your viewers to buy your product. There is a paid educational videos wherein you are educating your viewers and at the same time selling your idea and product to solve their needs. There are also free educational videos that looks like you are sharing for free the information but actually trying to sell to you the products.

Large and small businesses are really discovering the advantages of video marketing to promote their products or services. Any business, large or small, can benefit from engaging videos to get sales and viewers in your site.
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