Five benefits of body cameras

Body cameras have become a major topic of conversation in recent times, and despite some opposition, there are many benefits to them. Studies into the benefits of body cameras have revealed a number of advantages, so we’ve outlined five of the most important pros of these smart devices.

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Evidence in Domestic Violence Cases

Body-worn cameras are making it easier for domestic violence victims. In the past, evidence in these cases was often slim and many of the abused did not want to testify. With body cameras, footage of abuse can be recorded and used in prosecution. This makes a very sensitive issue somewhat easier as body cameras can also record victims’ injuries and their statements. It shows their trauma firsthand without them later having to relive it.

Improving Evidence Collection at Accident Scenes

Body cameras have done wonders for collecting evidence, especially in the case of car accidents. Small clues that may be missed or even trampled on are picked up by these cameras, and they have also put an end to conflicting reports and victim statements as there is real-time footage available.


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Improving Constitutional Policing

In some countries and jurisdictions, body worn cameras are now mandatory, as they not only record evidence, but they also monitor police behaviour. This means that officers’ actions are always under scrutiny, and incidents of police brutality, violence or corruption can easily be stamped out. Strict laws such as those published at enforce how these cameras can be used, and they protect the privacy of individuals and the police force.

Picking Up Patterns

Body cameras are also helping police train new officers in a more efficient and effective way as they are able to pinpoint the behaviours that work well and those that do not. This makes practical and theory training easier and can lead to new and improved protocols being implemented across the force.

Decreasing Officer Complaints

Previously, officer complaints were based on he-said, she-said statements, but with cameras running, the number of false complaints drop as there is no evidence. False accusations of harassment, sexual misconduct and other similar incidents are less likely to occur if civilians know that cameras running all the time, and in turn, officers who were prone to less-than-decent behaviour will have curbed any ill intentions out of a fear of repercussions.