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How Android TV Can Change Your Entertainment Experience? Android TV box is much like a portable device that could be placed near your TV. Typically, this device also comes with HDMI cable, a USB adapter, USB cable and power adapter. The functions of both TV and the internet can be enjoyed by the users using the same device. Android TV box is somewhat useful when you want to share pictures, videos and songs through the TV and to others. It’s possible to play games over the web from the TV while you are watching television programs too. The device is lightweight and portable and you could carry it to wherever you want easily. You can browse TV channels and the internet when you want regardless of the place and time. Someone who has a smart phone can quickly understand the interface of the software easily due to the reason that it uses the same OS. What seems to be the difference between your TV and the mobile android application is that, with a TV box you can enjoy both TV programs and the internet at once on a big screen. You can connect and chat with your friends on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and the likes by making use of such device. The device carries sufficient storage of RAM and good amount of processing power. And if ever you want added storage for the device, there is an SD card slot available.
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The device is supporting different languages like Czech, English, Italian, French, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese and so forth. One of the many benefits of using this particular device is that, there is no need to pay for subscription fee just to enjoy the TV programs and web browsing.
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The users will receive service upgrades and software updates too automatically for the device. Hence, it is not necessary to perform manual upgrades anymore. Aside from that, users can secure the viewing experience for their kids both for the TV and the internet as the device comes with easy to use parental control options. And if you want to transfer files from movies, videos and photos from the computer to the android TV box, you may make use of the Bluetooth and USB. All kinds of video and audio formats are supported by the device. By simply connecting the android TV box in the TV, it gives you the opportunity to check emails and even play games online as well. What’s more, it is easy to set up the device since you just have to plug it in to the power source and connect it to the HDMI port of TV and you’re done.