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How ATM Machines Can Increase Your Profits

If you are going to purchase an ATM machine for the business or the store, you must know that this is really hassle-free and also a cheap way to make big profits and increase the foot traffic. Customers who withdraw money from the stores with ATMs were proven to spend more than the patrons. Also, aside from luring more customers, the ATMs can create money through the surcharges which are set by the establishment which brings in money for minimal effort.

Though it can seem that such machines are everywhere but one that is strategically placed will surely draw customers. Often, you need some customers daily prior to starting to see the profits rise. When you have an outdoor ATM, then you can make money 24 hours a day. When the neighboring stores only have cash on their policies or limits on using the credit card, then this means that you can take advantage from the customers who come to the store too.

When you are quite concerned of those that will come to your store just to be able to use the machine, then you should keep in mind that they are more likely to spend their money instead of using the credit card particularly for the smaller purchases that they are going to make. The customer may like to use the ATM machine in the store only instead of buy any goods, the cash could force them to purchase an item which they often don’t like to put on their credit card. The small ticket items can surely add up to such big profit which you could miss out on when you do the opposite.

So that you can also encourage others to use the machine, then you may also choose to just enforce a minimal amount for credit purchases. You should charge a small fee or not accept plastic. Some businesses offer cash-only items like the lottery tickets to push people to use the ATM. These methods may help improve your sales but you should use them with caution because they can result to alienating particular customers.

So that you can capitalize on the machine there are also advertising opportunities which you can have. The companies would usually buy ad space in the form of audio or video on machines. So now, the ATM is able to work for you though it is not in use. Some may also be programmed to print coupons for the store to be able to entice the customers to spend money that they received on products.

Though the ATMs are able to lure in customers, the surcharges will account for a big percentage of the profits. You can set the surcharge which you think is fit but there are those ATM companies that split a certain percentage.
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