TagPredict Hashtag trends tool – is it really working on all sites?

TagPredict is a social media trends tool that claims to consolidate hashtags social media trends and hashtags statistics on all available websites. It looks like a very strong claim, since we are used to two types of hashtag systems:

  • Websites which support hashtags: It is inside the website, meaning – when you go on a website that uses hashtags, when you click the hashtag, you get a page of all the recent posts that use this hashtag. For example, if we are on twitter and searching for “#HashtagTrend”, you should get a Twitter page of all the posts which used the “#HashtagTrend” hashtag:

  • Websites which DO NOT support hashtags, like – for example – Google – when you find an hashtag on Google, if you click it – nothing special will happen as the hashtag is treated like text. Another example, just go on a CNN page which has an hashtag – click it – and nothing will happen. It means that this site is not supporting hashtags:

So we have two types of websites – websites which do support hashtags, and websites which do not support hashtags – i.e. relate to hashtags like any other text. What is interesting to find about tagpredict – that it is working on both types of websites.

As a start, we go on the above CNN page, activate tagpredict by mouse hovering the hashtag. The popup window is indeed working well, and shows us that the above hashtag is not really popular as it was claimed but maybe because the article is old (Match 2016) while the hashtag was popular in the past, but it is not popular now:

We then went on the Google giant, and googled “hashtag social media trends”. We found one hashtag on the search results, and tagpredicted highlighted it (well done!). When we placed our mouse on top, we got the popup window giving us the latest trends – wow! This is how it looks:


The data came from other websites which do not support hashtags – this is a big wow! We can see Facebook, google and gyazo.com (?) in the list.

Our next station was amazon – another site which does not support hashtags. We searched for “hashtag” and got some results. Mouse hovering the result gave us the wanted statistics:



We then went on Bing.com, and searched for “hashtag social media trends”. We got one hashtag in the search result – #IsraelIsBurning – it is not nice that the Arab media is happy for Israel to be burning – but it was nice to see that TagPredict gave the full statistics for that hashtag – showing Facebook and other sites in the list:


Now what about sites which support hashtags? Obviously TagPredict would be expected to work there. This is from Instagram – the popularity trends are presented very nicely:




Twitter, the giant user and “inventor” of hashtags is our next test station. Tag Predict looks like it is working well there:

We took the last social media hashtags trends test from the tagpredict blog, which presents how TagPredict is working fine even in SalesForce.com: