Best Buy Gives its Tech Support Package a Face-lift

Last month Best Buy got underway their new-fangled $200/year subscription package of its Geek Squad service known as Total Tech Support whose value in tech support has been questionable of late. These shortcomings aside, this new package is an enhanced version of the Best Buy technical assistance subscriptions that provided less coverage for an equivalent amount.

For the new service, subscribers will enjoy 24/7 tech support— both via phone and online for a wide range of household tech gadgets (even those not purchased from Best Buy). Consumers who subscribe to this package will have access to Best Buy stores where they can find help with fundamental tech support processes, e.g., removing viruses, data transfer between computers, and another weird-looking service with technical jargon; “Level 1 Data Recovery.” Brings the question; will there be a Level 2 Data Recovery? No one knows, but it’s obvious it will come for an extra fee.

You Still have to Pay in the Clouds for Extra Services

Sadly, despite parting with your $200 every year, Geek Squad services will still charge you for many services as a member of the Total Tech Support team. Any service that requires a technician to come to your home physically will cost you at least $50.

In case you wanted a set of appliances installed throughout the year, then this would make sense as it would mean a huge big discount compared to what Best Buy charges. But it is probably a waste of money if you won’t need multiple visits in a single year. What’s more, this $50 fee you pay doesn’t cover all costs. You will have to pay more if the technician wires your home theater, conducts electronics repairs, or any other advanced installations.  Members will be lucky to get 20% discount on the fee Best Buy charges for such services.

In a nutshell, you are paying a $200 fee to Best Buy’s Technical support merchant account. However, given Geek Squad’s horrible reputation; is the amount worth parting with? Word has been going around that the service lacks expertise and often tries to sell their new products to customers when they walk in for repairs. Will you be renewing your yearly subscriptions to give the same company an opportunity to sell you even more items?


And on May 24th, the service became live across the US (of course after a trial). It would seem like the Best Buy’s test run discovered that the service has a market. And yes; it can be stressing to have your basic household equipment breakdown. We all agree Bust Buy does some technical stuff that you can’t do on your own. However, unless you take the service as a way to enjoy cheap in-home installation, it doesn’t make sense sitting on the phone seeking help with items that the customer service representative probably does not have experience with for a whole $200.

All in all, Total Tech Support looks like a step up for Best Buy which previously provided a subscription known as “24/7 Support” for the same amount but offered less assistance.

Author Bio: Electronic payments expert Blair Thomas co-founded eMerchantBroker, serving both traditional and high-risk merchants including Technical Support Merchant Account holders. His passions include producing music and traveling.