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In some states, the use DWI or driving while intoxicated in the place of DUI or driving under the influence of alcohol, which is the more common acronym for drunk driving. There are other numerous terms solely for the purpose of referring to various charges. Drunken driving, whatever acronym you might wish to use for it, is a serious offense that bear serious penalties for those who are caught. There are degrees of punishment for drunken driving depending on the amount of alcohol you had drank while driving. As the amount of alcohol increases, the penalties also increase and this holds true in any state. This is all in an effort to reduce the number of injuries and death on its highways.

The seriousness of this offense will bring about different penalties such as fees or fines and other punishments depending on the severity which can also include jail time, and this will restrict you from being able to go to work or to find a job if you have a criminal record in your personal profile.

DWI is a serious offense not only as pronounced by the state but because it also causes a lot of property loss, injuries and deaths, and it is a very dangerous offense because alcohol is known to have a bad effect when people take too much of it.
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Lawmakers and consumers content this law saying that alcohol has different effects of different persons and while one can get drunk with a little, others don’t get drunk until they have drank a whole lot of it.
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It is best to assess the points of contention and argumentation by first defining what intoxication means. Intoxication is the state before passing out, when drinking alcohol. This is that state when the alcohol affects the central nervous system which results in a changed mood, and physical and mental abilities. The only way to tell whether you have reached the point of intoxication, or the only means to do that is to measure how much alcohol is in your blood. Medical experts say that one has reached the point of intoxication when you blood alcohol content or BAX reaches 08.

The contentions can be silenced with this medical finding so if state say the 06 or 07 or 08 levels as in New York are guilty of DWI, then no one can argue anymore. All arguments that surround this matrix indicate the severity or the optimacy of the penalty that will be rendered to the accountable.

IF you are a person that can tolerate alcohol, it will still show the content in your blood. You body will refuse to make alcohol go to your blood stream if you can tolerate it.

A person responding in tolerance has many basis.