Understanding And Function of Projector

A projector is a device that integrates light sources, optical systems, electronics and displays in order to project images or videos onto walls or screens.

Projector uses a very bright light to be able to project images to the screen. In technological developments, especially digital technology is increasing, Projector also experienced a digital touch. Now, most of the Projector market is dominated by Digital Projector. Starting from the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), DLP (Digital Light Processing), until the latest technology is now popular, LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Single Crystal Silicon). To hold the above projector you can see in Ceiling Mounter Projectors.

Each Projector technology has its advantages and disadvantages. However, in general, the projected image quality, regardless of the technology, is highly dependent on the characteristics of resolution, brightness, color and contrast ratio

Resolution is the number of pixels that can be produced, expressed as horizontal and vertical pixel resolution. The “real” resolution of a Projector is the maximum number of pixels it can project. The higher the resolution level, the higher the image details it can show (Speaking of Projector resolution trends, most are now beginning to switch to XGA resolution (1024 × 768).

Brightness. The brightness is the size of the luminance (or light received) which is usually measured in ANSI (American National Standard Institute) lumens. All Projectors use a lamp to create projection light. The design efficiency of the Projector determines how much the internal brightness loss is.


1. As a Presentation Tool

The projector can make a presentation more lively, because with the image or writing we can give a more dynamic and attractive presentation.

2. As a Video Player (Home Theater)

With Projector we can enjoy the cinema inside the house. This is because the process of display that occurs in the cinema can we show at home, ie by projection.

3. As an Information Media

Because the Projector can display the display with a large screen, the projector is very effective to serve as a medium of information.