Data recovery is the process of restoring or retrieving the data that has been lost. In simple words, Data Recovery means getting back the data that has been lost due to certain reasons. It also means restoring back the data to a laptop, server or external storage through a backup.

There are various causes of data loss i.e. the data loss can take place due to accidental deletion of the file which means sometimes you may accidentally delete the file to release space which does not mean that file is completely deleted, it still remains on your system. The second reason of data loss may be due to file system formatting by mistake, another reason could be file corruption, the file can be corrupted due to the virus attacks, hacking etc., the data can be lost due to logical and physical problems, the problems in software, the data can also be lost due to hacking. You must always take precautions so that your data is not lost. You must always make a backup of your files that is through cloud backup, backup drive, inbuilt OS Utility to store files etc., these are the common ways you can avoid data loss. You can create a backup and distribute the files to different storage channels like backup drive, burning copy of data to CDs or DVDs. It can increase the chance of data availability even if your data is lost from your primary source or permanently fails.

If your data is being lost, you should avoid employing the unwanted attempts of getting your data back because this may permanently freeze or loss your data, if your data is being lost you should not give your device for repair because recovery and repair are two different things.

The data recovery is almost possible from every storage device that is the Hard Disk drive, Solid State device, USB, Flash device, Android OS, External Hard device, SD Cards or Memory Cards, Digital Camera, CDs or DVDs, Smartphones, Tablets, iPhones, Laptops and Backup drive.

The data recovery process varies, depending upon the circumstances of the data loss. If your data is lost it doesn’t mean that your data is permanently deleted, the data can be recovered then also. It may seem to you that all the data is lost but it is still available in any form. Data recovery software serves to get data back after information loss with the maximum possible result. The actual file to be recovered may be still on the system but in the flawless condition. There are various ways to recover the data for various data losses. If the file is still in the system and it is not damaged it can be recovered. If the file is damaged, missing or encrypted there are different ways of recovering it. If the file is physically damaged, there are different ways to reconstruct it. Some utilities can be used to reconstruct the file headers manually so that some of the files can be recovered. Most of the data recovery processes combine the technologies so that organizations aren’t solely recovering data by tape. Recovering the data with the help of tape involves high risk and you need to immediately access the data after a huge data loss. There are various techniques to recover the data that is Instant Recovery, also known as the recovery in place, tries to eliminate the recovery window by redirecting user workload to the backup server. A snapshot is created so the backup remains in a pristine state and all user write operations are redirected to that snapshot, users then work off the backup virtual machine (VM) and the recovery process begins in the background. Users have no idea the recovery is taking place, and once the recovery is complete; the user workload is redirected back to the original VM. The way to avoid time-consuming and costly processes of data recovery is to prevent data loss from ever taking place. Data loss prevention products help companies identify and stop data leaks, and come in two versions: stand-alone and integrated. There must be a planned strategy to recover the data loss and professionals must be there to recover the data because a single and small error can lead to permanent loss of the data.

Data Recovery is not always successful as everything has some merits and demerits, in the same way, data recovery also has some demerits that are it could severely damage the storage device, too old files are very hard to recover, data has been overwritten etc. There is still the scope of Data Recovery and Data Recovery is very useful to us. The valuable and important files may delete or loss and you may not know it but you can recover the data which can be helpful to you.You can use free data recovery software if you want to recover small amount of data. You must know the skills to recover the data. With prior information and guided steps, you can yourself recover the data. It is recommended to avoid unnecessary attempts to recover the data instead you can search on the internet the steps to recover the data and it may be definitely helpful to you.