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Couponing Guide – Save Thousands with This Guide for Beginners

It’s not easy making money, and once you realize that, you will find yourself pinching every penny. Earning and saving aren’t all that easy, and that’s why it’s important to maximize the money you have so you don’t end up spending more than you should. Sure, a cent here or a dollar there might not seem too significant, but it’s best that you don’t take any value for granted if you want to get the best out of your hard earned money. For example, couponing doesn’t really seem like it does much at the start. But once you add up all those pennies and dollars, you will find that couponing can actually save you thousands in the long run.

New to couponing? No problem. Find out how to make the most of your hard-earned money by taking these couponing tips and tricks into consideration.

1. Find All the Coupons – While a lot of people seem to think that coupons are only available in magazines and newspapers, they’re actually more widely available than that. These days, merchants are smart enough to use the internet to provide their patrons with discounts and promos in the form of coupons. You can use online coupons as you would those you cut out by printing them and presenting them before you pay for your items, however this isn’t the only way you can use coupons take from online sources. Stores will also accept coupons on mobile devices opened either through mobile apps or social media profiles so don’t miss out on any offers and be sure to check all sources before your next buy.
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2. Older Ones First – To ensure that not a single coupon goes to waste, it would be smart to keep in mind that they all have expiration dates. Avoid expiration by using older coupons first and by placing newer ones towards the back of your stack. Some couponing pros even like to keep a booklet of their coupons with those nearing the expiration closer to the front so they’re easier to spot.
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3. Deeper Discounts – Know when you can and can’t use your coupons by reading the backs and understanding the terms and conditions that apply to them. As a general rule, coupons issued by the same store for a single item can’t be used at the same time, but you can combine a merchant coupon and a store coupon to get bigger savings. It’s also wise to use coupons on products that are marked for clearance as these will often already be deeply discounted so you can get even bigger cost cuts. Also, don’t forget the beauty of price matching before you use any coupons. Get a store to lower their price before you use a coupon by finding a lower price from a rival store or online shop for the same item they’re selling.